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I've been a musician/drummer since I was 8 years old, I have enjoyed playing all types and styles of music for over 20 plus years. I've had the honor or playing and being a drummer in numerous bands. My main band that I focused on for over ten years which I got the chance to be part of was Doc Possum. This was a family/kid oriented band with melodic originals that our featured on Itunes and many sites. Please feel free to check out the site for the music and to see what venue we might be playing at next.

Taking a small break from the band scene and having numerous music equipment and playing music for friends parties and just being a music lover and enjoying having fun with a crowd of people, I decided to look into DJ'ing. So a friend and I decided to start up Double D Entertainment back in 2010 and then finally took the big step of being an actual legit registered business in 2011 with a friend who had became a partner for a short period of time. Since 2011 DD Entertainment has grown and made some amazing friends and supporters along this journey of bringin a fun and exciting time to anyone's event be it Private party, Wedding, Graduation, etc.... 

So saying that Double D Entertainment brings the BEST quality equipment and DJ's to ensure that anyone's event is a hit and that everyone attending is having fun. I want to make each event exciting and fun for the people attending and also that we have the best equipment to enhance the event.

We will always be upgrading to the best and most new technology and innovations to get the party started and keep it going for the event. We will always be growing as best we can and we look very forward to bringing more excitement and fun to people's events and in growing as a business to meet our client's needs.


A.C.Dobson      Owner 607-331-1342

My Story

"We hired him to DJ our wedding. What a great choice! He not only handled emcee duties like a seasoned veteran, but the dance floor was packed all night!"

– Aiden Johnson


"Highly recommended. I can't recommend him highly enough."

–  Liam Ansley


"He was the DJ for our most recent corporate regional outside sales quarterly review and roadmapping meeting. He was nothing short of professional and impressive."

– Keith Gates

Customer Raves